Project 5 : Directional Dominance


The focal point is established in the left side of the work of art. The focal point is emphasized by the intensity of the PITT pen that is on the larger swirl. The visual flow is established by the variety of the use of the lines in the piece. The type of lines incorporated in the artwork are straight, implied, thick, and thin. Since the art piece includes different shapes and sizes it allow for the eye to wonder around the composition. The directional dominance is established by the use of the lines and the direction which is going towards. The design does make use of the implied lines. Since there are different lines and different directions there is no need to enforce lines to make the shapes and lines stand out, instead they stand out by the empty space between all the other lines. The successful aspect of the design is that there are different use of lines and shapes. The composition maintains a balance. The unsuccessful aspect of the design is that the smaller swirl is too dark which does not allow the piece to establish 100% directional dominance. The final design has been executed in a professional manner in that it utilizes the designated materials and has been accomplished with care. As well as the right materials to accomplish this assignment were used.


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