Project 3: Variation of Line


The design does include a focal point, which is located in the center of the art work. The focal point is emphasized by the lines, which come from short to longer lines. The visual flow has been established by the way that the lines continue. The use of repetitive lines allow the eye to wonder around the entire piece. The lines that were used in this design are thin, thick, zig zag, curvy and implied lines. In the artwork shapes are created within the negative space. The implied lines allow for the negative space to become a shape. The successful aspects of the artwork is that there are lines that contribute to each other allowing for the piece to come together. There is use of different types of lines, which reaches its goal. The unsuccessful aspect in the art piece, is that in the in the center the two lines look as if they are divided but in reality the width of the line was too thin. Making it look as if the line faded away, leaving two separate, rather than two united lines. The final design was executed in a professional manner in that it was mounted to a Bristol board properly and carefully and the designated materials were used.


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